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Monday, July 23, 2007

Spainish Golfer Whining

Sergio Garcia, AP

Holy Crap! I didn't even know they played golf in Spain. Anyway, writes Sergio Garcia is insinuating an 18 year old kid who was raking a bunker cost him the win on the 18th hole during the British Open. The young guy was assigned to rake the bunkers and was tidying up the bunker. Garcia stated he had to wait fifteen minutes in the fairway before he could hit again. When he did hit guess where the ball went? That's right, in the freshly raked bunker which helped his next shot land about 8 feet from the hole. So Garcia quit your whining, your the dumbazz that hit it into the bunker. He was doing his job, why don't you try doing your and hit the damn ball straight. If anything, you should be writing that kid a check. If not for the freshly raked bunker your lame azz probably would have been at least an extra stroke back!

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